Reader’s Legacy 2015 Most Followed Authors

In January of 2016, Reader’s Legacy launched the largest book club in the world!

Launched in June of 2015, spent its initial 6 months being enhanced and perfected to, now, attract a monumental audience. In addition to being able to build their own virtual libraries and connect with the authors they love, users are now given the opportunity to join existing, or create their own, virtual book clubs. This has brought over 21,000 new users to the site!

By observing the activity within our diverse and ever-growing community of users, we at Reader’s Legacy have collected data that has enabled us to compile an extraordinary list: The Most Followed Authors in the World! This list is current, accurate and unbiased as our users are not being paid to follow specific authors, nor are they encouraged to do so. These authors are authors who have the largest number of followers on – whose user community now spans across the globe!

The list below reveals the top 10 most followed authors from 2015 – present, and will be updated on an annual basis. Their Reader’s Legacy and other social media profiles have been linked, along with their websites. Take advantage of this opportunity to get closer to the writers whose works you love. You can also show your support by trying out Reader’s Legacy’s “Book Clubs” feature (if you haven’t already) and starting your own club with a book by one of these incredible authors.

This list was also published on, in a recent article by Ken Dunn.

  1. J. K. Rowling (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  2. Stephen King (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  3. Cassandra Clare (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  4. Nicholas Sparks (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  5. Suzanne Collins (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  6. James Patterson (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  7. Stephenie Meyer (Twitter, Website)
  8. Rick Riordan (Twitter, Website)
  9. Dean R. Koontz (Twitter, Facebook, Website)
  10. Anne Rice (Twitter, Facebook, Website)

Each of these authors will receive 1,000,000 LitCoins that can be used for books, publicity and advertising within the Reader’s Legacy community. Congratulations to all of our honorees! Your literary genius continue to inspire us all!

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